What happens if my PodQueue account is "deactivated"?

If your PodQueue account is in a "deactivated" state, either because your free trial has expired or your subscription has lapsed, we will still keep your account ready for you unless you explicitly cancel your account using the "Cancel my account" option on the 'Account Settings' page, or if other criteria are met as outlined in our Cancellation Policy.

When your account is in a "deactivated" state, new links you add to your account will not be processed until your account is reactivated by subscribing. You will also not be able to like, archive, or delete existing items from your playlists. Think of account deactivation as setting your account to a "read-only" mode.

Your PodQueue podcast feeds will continue to work while your account is in a "deactivated" state.

You can still export your account data from your 'Account Settings' page while your account is in a "deactivated" state.

If you subscribe to PodQueue from your 'Account Settings' page for just $5 / month or $50 / year, all account features will be restored and any added links will be processed.